Vision and Mission

The aim of the Conference is to gather young scholars from various areas of social sciences and humanities in order to exchange experience and ideas, to encourage and promote intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue.

The mission of the Conference is:

  • to support and promote excellence in young scholars’ research by associating them with renowned experts from their fields of study and by providing them with the practical knowledge;
  • to establish a long-term collaborative international network of young scholars and professionals, which is operative throughout the year and provides valuable feedback for organising future meetings and conferences;
  • to increase international visibility through new initiatives for research collaboration and active presence in the media and on the Internet;
  • to promote the work of the Faculty of Philosophy and University of Novi Sad with the goal of potential new collaboration with other universities from the country and abroad;
  • to promote the social and cultural values of the city of Novi Sad and the province of Vojvodina.